Front and Cover

Productivity and Other Apps

CodeBlocks CMS Suite [Future Project, but you can read about it here] - It's designed to make website building easy for beginners and is also is very useful for power users.

EyeExam - a commercial photo tool

Secret Message App - a desktop Java app, just for fun (because its designed just to use basic symmetric encryption)

Possible Project: FlyLayer (tentative name) - software to draw in 2d, 3d, and web publishing. Don't know yet if this will be released.

PHP Scripts

Subscriptions Manager / User Login / Secure Areas Script

File Manager (w/ Download Stats for Site Visitors)

Daily Comic Script

Feedback Form

a Date Shifter that changes the contents of a webpage depending on the date, like a holiday for instance

Captcha Script

P.S.: If you want to rate any of these scripts, you can find them listed at and, or you could always send feedback directly.


A simple Java platformer - This is in development and I may consider creating an engine for it. It is written in Java, but has support for wrapper classes.

Time Waster: A Magical Adventure! - A still in development RPG game, but try it if you like. I may release this as a game engine (it's written in Javascript) in the future.

Android Apps

Android Sanitizer App: --> Plan

iPhone Games/Apps



Encrypted Identity Application (EIA) - More on this later, it's kind of a cool idea. Good chance the name will change to something less technical sounding.

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